About SWPS

An association of scholars and philosophers founded in 1936, SWPS provides a forum for philosophical and scholarly research. While SWPS

Sarah Woolwine, SWPS President
Sarah Woolwine, SWPS President

originally served philosophers in the American Southwest, it has been for many years a national and international society.

While SWPS does follow trends and methods that prevail in the world of Anglo-American philosophy, the Society is proud of its pluralism and its tradition of openness where scholars of all major traditions find their views and philosophical styles taken seriously.

The Society sponsors a peer-reviewed scholarly journal, the Southwest Philosophy Review, which publishes both conference proceedings and an annual open issue. Details about the journal are available on this website.



NEXT MEETING: 80th Annual Meeting, November 9-11, 2018, Denver, CO. CALL FOR PAPERS: SWPS_CFP_80 2018. Details on our EVENT PAGE.  Questions? Contact Scott Aikin, Vanderbilt University.

Conference Hotel: Crowne Plaza in Lodo (Lower Downtown, Denver). The conference rate is $209/night. Reservations can be made at https://www.ihg.com/crowneplaza/hotels/us/en/denver/dendt/hoteldetail  Note: to receive the conference rate, rooms must be booked no later than October 1, 2018.



Respectful and spirited conversation is the Society’s path to healthy philosophical practice. The Society is especially interested in nurturing younger philosophers from all traditions and methodologies as they explore the issues that will motivate their thinking in their early careers.








That papers accepted for conferences at SWPS are blind-refereed by at least two experts in the subject area? That accepted papers are published in the Southwest Philosophy Review after further editorial review? In most cases, this means that acceptance to a SWPS conference results, for most academics, in both a refereed presentation and a refereed journal article. (Obviously, the rules about what counts is contingent on the policies of academic’s particular schools.) In addition, conference Comments are published in a special issue of Southwest Philosophy Review, also after editorial review. 


President: Sarah Woolwine, U. of Central Oklahoma

Vice-President and Program Chair: Scott Aikin, Vanderbilt U.

Secretary/Treasurer/Membership:  Deborah Heikes, U. of Alabama in Huntsville

Member-at-Large: Justin Bell, U. of Houston-Victoria

Member-at-Large: Paul Carron, Baylor U.

Executive Committee: Sarah Woolwine (President), Scott Aikin (Vice-President), Deborah Heikes (Secretary-Treasurer), Robyn Gaier (Immediate Past-President), Justin Bell (elected member at larger), Paul Carron (elected member at large), Todd Stewart (Editor of the Southwest Philosophy Review, ex-officio)


Journal Editor: Todd Stewart

Website: David Hildebrand


Official SWPS Constitution and Bylaws are here.





Past Presidents of The Southwestern Philosophical Society

2017 Robyn Gaier
2016 Mark Silcox
2015 Gregg Caruso

2014 Julie Kuhlken
2013 Randall Auxier
2012 David Beisecker
2011 Eva Dadlez
2010 David L. Hildebrand
2009 Robert Talisse
2008 Stuart Rosenbaum
2007 Tom Senor
2006 May Sim
2005 Alastair Norcross
2004 David Soles
2003 Deborah Soles
2002 Chris Swoyer
2001 Edward Lawry
2000 Art Skidmore
1999 Hoke Robinson
1998 Joseph Bien
1997 J.K. Swindler
1996 Robert Feleppa
1995 Kenneth F. Rogerson
1994 Marie-Luise Kalsi
1993 Russell Jacobs
1992 Edward S. Shirley
1991 Richard Eggerman
1990 Larry Hickman
1989 Don Marquis
1988 Nancy Simco
1987 Donald Lee
1986 Spencer Wertz
1985 J. Michael Orenduff
1984 Sandra B. Rosenthal
1983 A.C. Genova
1982 Neil R. Luebke
1981 James K. Feibleman
1980 Ted E. Klein
1979 P.A.Y. Gunter
1978 Richard Cole
1977 Douglas Browning
1976 Robert W. Shahan
1975 Manuel M. Davenport
1974 Elmer H. Duncan
1973 Andrew J. Reck
1972 John Kultgen
1971 Irwin Lieb
1970 Gustav Ferre
1969 William Horosz
1968 Robert C. Whittemore
1967 Haywood R. Shuford
1966 John Silber
1965 Konstantin Kolenda
1964 W.J. Kilgore
1963 Leonard A. Duce
1962 Edmund L. Pincoffs
1961 Patrick Romanell
1960 Niels C. Nielson, Jr.
1959 J.C. Feaver
1958 Robert L. Rein’l
1957 J. Street Fulton
1956 Cecil H. Miller
1955 Lewis E. Hahn
1954 Anna McCracken
1953 C.W. Berenda
1952 Edward S. Robinson
1951 Hubert G. Alexander
1950 Radoslav A. Tsanoff
1949 David L. Miller
1948 A.J. Bahm
1947 Gustav Mueller
1946 H.N. Lee
1945 P.A. Carmichael
1942-44 (no meetings during WWII)
1941 W.B. Mahan
1940 Charles M. Perry
1939 Frederick W. Meir
1938 E.T. Mitchell
1936 R.W. Nelson